In the city center we have opened laundry room “Štirk”. Our laundry washing and ironing service offers fast and qualitative service of washing, ironing, packing and laundry transport.

Laundry room “Štirk” is equipped with the most modern and qualitative equipment for professional washing and ironing of laundry of prestigious manufacturer Miele. We, also, during the working process use professional laundry washing substances, SUTTER PROFESSIONAL and HAGLEITNER, protecting your laundry and preserving of the environment.

Users of our services are citizens, restaurants, hotels, embassy, foreign branch offices, kindergartens, services for housing professional and private areas and many others.

Your duty is only to take clean, ironed, professionally packed and protected laundry. From our laundry room, you receive professionally packed, fragrant and clean.

Washing and Drying of Laundry

The service has been foreseen for laundry that not need ironing or if you want to iron your laundry alone.

Laundry Ironing

When we do ironing with professional Miele’s rollers for ironing, as well as professional Miele handy irons. You can bring already washed laundry, and we will do ironing for You.

Complete Service

We offer complete service of washing, drying and ironing of laundry for competitive prices. Your duty is only to take clean, professionally packed and protected laundry.

Children’s Programme

During washing or children’s clothes we use machines provided exclusively for washing of clothes of our youngest customers. Children’s clothes we treat with soft and hipoallergic substances for washing with minimum usage of softener.

Sports Programme

Using the special detergent NUNCAS, the only liquid means for washing and regeneration of sports clothes made of synthetical fibres, we eliminate all the bacterium and blemishes even on the low temperature.

Dry Cleaning

Apart from washing service and ironing of clothes we do also laundry dry cleaning services. Soon in our laundry room the most modern technology wet-cleaning.